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Vibrant content, artfully written and presented, so your message is compelling, clear and to the point.

Whether you want to gain support for a business case, give people a process to follow, or convert a prospect into a customer, The Documentalist can help with content that gets the result you want.
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Less waffle. More impact.

You can have vibrant content that's clear and to the point. Even in run-of-the-mill business and technical documents, no matter how complex the subject.
For Mark Scott, The Documentalist, it's as easy as 1-2-3 ... um, a-b-c.
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The Documentalist gives you content that informs, engages and hits the mark

... Mark was always able to grasp the brief and translate it into either graphical or written form and, ultimately, has assisted the team to win new work ...

Roger Barlow
General Manager Sales & Marketing, The Frame Group

... The templates and supporting quick reference guides are easier to use and more visually appealing, so people are readily adopting them and providing positive feedback ...

Viviana Sorrentino
Business Partner Quality, national infrastructure organisation

... His ability to collaborate, and meticulous approach to detail has delivered a result above and beyond what I believed possible.

Harry Jensen
Executive Manager Data Centre Strategy, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

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Need new content? Have a document or piece of copy that needs a little sharpening ... or a lot?

Surprise and delight your readers. Persuade them to take action.

Mark can help you banish waffle, add polish and make an impact with:

  • business and technical reports
  • content for websites and intranets
  • operations manuals and handbooks
  • policies and plans
  • processes and procedures
  • procurement documents: RFPs, RFTs, RFIs, etc.
  • project management and solution delivery documents
  • templates for Word, PowerPoint, Visio and Excel.
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3 signs The Documentalist is right for you

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You want better communication with your internal and external customers.

You know that means having content that's clear, concise and consistent. What's more, you understand that when content looks great it's way more engaging.

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You know your brand depends on giving your customers what they want and expect.

So, you want to satisfy and impress them, and for them to feel they get what they pay for. Also, you know that giving customers content that's easy to read and understand helps you to stand out from your competitors.

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You and your colleagues are expert at what you do, you're just not writers.

You know that the right person with the right skills would make a big difference to your content — someone adept at business analysis and consulting, as well as writing and editing.

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Is your content big on impact or big on waffle?


In most professions, producing documents is par for the course. But the average document in the average company is pretty, well ... average.

It could be costly to your business — and that means your brand — if people can’t immediately understand what you’ve written.

So, what you want is content that informs, engages and hits the mark.


Because that sort of content:

  • makes it clear to your readers that you know what you’re talking about
  • shows your readers that you understand their wants and needs
  • helps you win repeat business from your customers, earn you kudos from your peers, and separate you from your competitors.

Your clever work speaks best when it's informative and engaging.

Want to know what you can do about it, right now?


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In the meantime, take a look at Mark Scott's articles.

You'll get tips on how to give your documents a polish.

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